Situated on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, the chestnuts grow in an ideal climate and soil. The perfect conditions bring us great production of the highest quality chestnuts in the world.



Hisaya was established in February 15, 2001 in Kyoto, Japan. The first store was opened on September 1, 2001 by the much-acclaimed historic landmark, the Kiyomizu Temple. After a decade of perfecting our work and our pride, we have successfully branched out, established stores throughout Japan, Korean and Taiwan. Now, with enough confidence and determination that we have accumulated through the experiences that we encountered in the last decade, as pioneers, we would dare not miss the opportunity to venture out into the United States of America with a BIG American dream packed tightly into our hearts. That very dream of ours is to help rekindle chestnuts as a common healthy household snack/food in the US once again, as well as spreading the trend into the rest of the world.

Still, the last part of the process is delivering the chestnuts with sincerity and smile. Our staff will always provide the chestnuts with a portion of sweetness and passion.

All of our chestnuts are carefully selected, no additives and coloration added. A high standard selection process of size, weight and quality ensures you get the freshest and best tasting product.

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ー比沙家 京焼き栗​ー


Chestnuts are always served as part of new-year menu. Chestnuts represent both success and mastery, strength and weakness. The Japanese chestnuts (called Kuri) was in cultivation before rice and the chinese chestnuts have a history of more than 2,000~6,000 years.


Kyoto Chestnuts

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Hisaya Kyoto Chestnuts 


Chestnuts are low in calories compared to the other nuts, good source of dietary fibers, exceptionally rich in vitamin B and C, rich in folates, excellent source of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium phosphorus and zinc.


Thanks to Hisaya’s innovative method, the chestnuts are roasted perfectly and steamed. It creates a char surrounding the tender meat. The nuts melt in the mouth, and the pure taste lasts in the heart. 

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